How to Play Online Poker Legally

Gambling Apr 23, 2022

As the world’s largest online gambling market, online poker has become a massive industry. Despite its growth, only a handful of US-accepted sites exist today. Offshore sites have gained in popularity in recent years and will most likely continue to do so. Fortunately, the United States is not alone. Several states have begun to regulate the market. These states include Michigan and West Virginia, which are expected to do so soon.

However, the online poker industry has had a rough ride since its inception in the late nineties. In 2011, the biggest blow to the industry came from a federal law banning the sport, but since then, four states have legalized online poker. These are Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Additionally, Michigan and West Virginia have passed legislation allowing online poker, and several other states are considering legislation to permit the industry. Despite the difficulties, however, many players are already benefiting from online poker.

In order to play online poker legally, it’s important to understand how to manage your bankroll. Some sites don’t accept credit cards, so players need to open a virtual bank account before they play. When making a deposit, players should choose a bank that has many customers. All of their deposits go into their virtual bank account, which is linked to a specific username and password. The money they win or lose is deducted from their virtual bank account.