What You Need to Know About Online Poker

Gambling May 30, 2023

Online poker has exploded in popularity because it is easy to learn, requires an intellectual challenge and rewards real skill. It’s also something that can be played at any time for as long or as short a period as you want from the comfort of your own home.

While there was a time when the difference between “live” and “online” poker players was quite stark, these days there is a lot more overlap with many top poker pros playing both. However, there are still some things that need to be taken into consideration when transitioning between the two platforms, including handling cards and chips, game etiquette and more.

The most common way that people play poker online is through cash games. This is a good option for those who don’t want to commit to an 8 hour tournament and can be very profitable, especially when the rake (house or operator’s share of each pot) is low.

Another great thing about online poker is that it is compatible with almost all devices from laptops to tablets and even mobile phones. All that is required is a web browser and the internet connection to get you started.

In order to play regulated online poker you will need to live in one of the states that has legalized it. New Jersey was the first to do so, and then Delaware and Nevada joined to form a multi-state agreement. Pennsylvania is moving in that direction as well, but we don’t know when it will be ready to go.